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Inspired by flowing lines and legendary design. Steel and ink combine.


Enter Indian Motorcycle’s ‘Test-Ride and Win’ tattoo competition, in partnership with No Regrets tattoo studios.

You could win a two-day studio session valued at 6000 € in an all-expense paid trip to the UK, which includes a unique design of your choice by one of the world’s leading tattoo artists.

To enter, simply register online and book your Indian Motorcycle test-ride on at your local dealership.

Designs from the world’s leading tattoo artists meet the new 2022 Chief.Inspired by the flowing lines of the all new Indian Motorcycle Chief, the 'Test-Ride & Win' competition is promoted by three featured artists and forty more of the world’s leading Tattoo artists, who will compete to have their designs made a reality in steel and paint on a 2022 Chief later this Autumn.

Featured Artist - Carlos Torress - USA

Carlos specialises in black and grey realism and surrealism. Based in the USA, Carlos loves to create original one-off art pieces for his clients and has been featured in international art galleries. In addition to tattooing, he enjoys photographing his own reference materials and painting.

Instagram ID: @carlostorresart

Featured Artist - Mayonaize - Australia

A contemporary fine artist, Mayonaize specialises in incorporating unique calligraphy script into his artwork. Graffiti has been a major influence on his eclectic oeuvre, creating an established profile within the Melbourne street-art scene.

Instagram ID: @mayonaize

Featured Artist - Shige - Japan

A skilled motorcycle engineer, Shige taught himself the art of tattooing around 1995 and has gone on to become a hugely respected Japanese artist, specialising in highly detailed traditional full body suits from his private studios in Yokohama.

Instagram ID: @shige_yellowblaze

UK tattoo artists featured in video and photoshoot:
Lauren Gow – @laurenjaynegow
McKenzie – @mckenzietattooer

Creating a Legend – Indian Motorcycle x No Regrets

Terms and Conditions

Test ride an Indian Motorcycle to be in with a chance of winning a tattoo session with a world class artist; worth up to 6000 € and up to two days tattoo studio time.

‘No Regrets’ will cover the cost of up to a two-day tattoo studio session undertaken by an artist selected by the winner from a qualifying list of world class artists. The full list of qualifying artists will be published on (website) (date). If the tattoo design agreed with the winner exceeds two days it will be the winner’s responsibility to pay any additional studio costs incurred. The tattoo will be completed in a designated No Regrets studio based in London during April 2022 – (final date to be confirmed).

The tattoo design is completed at the artists discretion in full consultation with the winner. The chosen artist has the right to reject the tattoo if it isn’t viable to complete. An alternative artist may be selected from the qualifying list if an agreement cannot be reached in the first instance from their chosen artist on their preference of tattoo design.

This prize is non-transferable and must be used by the winner. If the tattoo does not take the full two days to complete, then the prize constitutes the total time taken to complete if less than two days.

View full terms and conditions.